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United Way Baroda Garba Leve Stream 1 with Atul Purohit

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United Way Baroda Garba Leve Stream 1 with Atul Purohit

United Way Baroda is the first local United Way established in India in 1986.  The United Way of Baroda was founded over 30 years ago by the Baroda Citizens Council with the support of United Way International and UNICEF.  United Way Baroda is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act in 1998 and the FCRA.

For over three decades, the United Way of Baroda has been supporting communities, local NGOs, and the government for sustainable improvement in the quality of life of people in and around Gujarat.

  United Way Garba Live

  United Way Baroda Live

  United Way Garba 2019

  United Way Garba 2019 Live

  Garba is a form of dance which originated in the state of Gujarat and is started during Navarati, a major Hindu festival dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga.  This festival marks the victory of good over evil, because in Hinduism, Durga destroyed the famous demolition of the Mahishasura monster after a nine-night war.

  The United Way Bar Bar Baroda hosts a "Garba Festival" every year, a much-awaited event in which dancers from around the world take part.  The United Way of Baroda has been hosting the program for the past 28 years and its popularity grows every year.  This year, the largest Garba event in India was held from October 13 to 21, October 2015, gathering 35,000 dancers and more than 25,000 spectators daily.

  United Way Online is a place for you to share ideas, find resources, learn from others around our worldwide network, and help strengthen communities around the world.  Thank you for all you do to keep our network strong.  Enjoy United Way Enjoy.

  Colorful suits, exciting buffets, melodious tunes and unmatched enthusiasm;  Navratri will certainly not be bigger than Gujarat.  As the entire state of the pope wears colorful, embroidered items and crowds at various Garba and Dandiya Ras venues, the nine-day celebration makes it one of the longest dance festivals in the world.  While every city and city in Gujarat is immersed in the excitement of Navratri, there are some places that are at the forefront of the list of ultimate festivals.  Here are the top five places you should aim to get a first-hand experience of and passion and enthusiasm that excites non-stop festivals.
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